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101: Chris on Code on and Learning by Building

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Chris shares a behind the scenes look at, the challenges of monetizing a blog, the identity crisis that comes with selling your business, and what he's cooking up next with

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Infinite Red

In over your head with a React or React Native app? Infinite Red can help.
They are React Native core contributors who've been designing, building and shipping apps for over 10 years. Head to to learn more.


A node.js tool to automate end-to-end web testing.
Write tests in JS or TypeScript.
TestCafe works with all popular OS & browsers and takes 1 minute to setup: no WebDriver or other tools required.
It's free, open source, and will help you enjoy writing end-to-end tests.
Visit to automate your code testing — free!

Black Lives Matter

Please join us in donating to the Equal Justice Initiative