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    53: Embrace the PHP with Next.js, Featuring Tim Neutkens

    Have you had the privilege of working in PHP?

    If you haven't let me tell you: You can have a dynamic website just by putting a single PHP file on a host, anywhere.

    It's magic

    For us React developers, everything is a lot more complicated.

    We want server-side rendering for Google crawl-ability, Hot Module Replacement for quick feedback in development, and code-splitting to get quick initial page loads for users.

    None of that is easy to implement.

    But there's hope.

    The team at Zeit wants you to have all that but with the simplicity of that beautiful PHP workflow.

    And they've done it.

    We sit with Tim Neutkens, lead developer on Nextjs, an open source framework, for react, by Zeit.

    He tells us how you can get back to that beautiful, fun PHP experience but with all of the benefits of SSR, HMR, AMP, and so many more initialisms.

    I'm so excited to share this chat about Next.js the next-live of static site generation.

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    52: Be Visible with Sophia Shoemaker

    Navigating a career is tricky.
    This is double true for women in tech.
    Add a spouses career, traditional gender expectations, Single-parenting, Or illness to the mix And finding a satisfying career can feel impossible.

    Today, Sophia Shoemaker sits with us to discuss how she manages being a mom in tech, conference speaker, FullStack React editor, and deeply invested in her community.

    It's a different story than many of you are used to hearing on this show.
    A more complicated one.
    I'm excited that we get to learn more about one of the types of challenges that women in tech face today.

    And I'm so grateful that Sophia brought us into her story.

    I know that her experience can give you hope — as you find a career that works for your specific cocktail of complications.

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    51: Michel Westrate Wants You To Stop Writing State Reducers

    How many times have you written a state reducer? 100 times? 100 times a month?

    Truth is, it's tricky for human brains to write performant state mutations in immutable terms.

    Maybe you're whip smart and you've got the theory on lock but the resulting "spread hell" is hard to read and edit long term.

    Michel Westrate wants you to stop writing state updates with immutable APIs like spread, concat, and slice and take a second look at mutable APIs like property assignment, forEach, and push.

    He's made it really easy And the React Team finds this idea very interesting.

    We talk with Michel about this wild of idea of state producers (not reducers) in Immer, why they're in the spirit of React, his MobX fame, and why — even in 2019 — it's not a good idea to roll your own state management library.

    Listen cautiously though. After this episode, you may never write a state reducer again...

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    50: Code and Trust with Saron Yitbarek

    Saron Yitbarek is the CEO and founder of CodeNewbie, the most supportive community of programmers and people learning to code. She's also the vibrant host of the CodeNewbie Podcast, Basecs Podcast, and Command Line Heroes (a Red Hat podcast).

    Chantastic Asks her about learning in public, interviewing the world’s greatest developers, the art of storytelling, and aggressive kindness that surround her #CodeNewbie twitter chats.

    They discuss podcasting, building a community you can trust, shower new developers with love and support, and what it takes to put on the most supportive conference in the world.

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    49: Break In with Scott Tolinski

    Scott Tolinski is creator of Level Up Totorials and co-host of Syntax — a tasty treats podcast for web developers. He joins us on React Podcast to talk about career, hobbies, and building a business.

    Chantastic asks him about break dancing, YouTube as a career development platform, weeding out hators, and making the jump to independent creator.

    They discuss podcasting, self-management, embracing ignorance, forcing confidence, determining content value, and importance of being kind to your favorite content creators.

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    48: Open Source It with Jon Rohan

    Jon Rohan is an Engineer on the Design Systems Team at Github, building tooling for Octicons and Primer — their React component library.

    Chantastic asks about his 6 year tenure at GitHub, the inspiration behind his primer.css slam poem, how their using CSS-in-JS and Lerna to structure their work, and his project Figma Actions for seamlessly building icons from Figma design files.

    They discuss design apps, Monorepos, GitHub Actions, CSS-in-JS, and why you should open source your systems.

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    47: Develop Your Career with Kent C Dodds

    Kent C Dodds is a blogger, podcaster, open sorcerer, and community builder that recently made the leap to full-time, independent educator.

    Chantastic asks about the approach Kent took while developing his career PayPal, what he had to give up to stay focused, and what's changed now that he's independent.

    They discuss learning by teaching, the importance of being consistent, avoiding the permission trap, and what it means to "increase the impact of your value".

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    46: Progress with Houssein Djirdeh, on Progressive Web Apps and the Story of Building GitPoint with React Native

    Houssein Djirdeh works with the Developer Relations team at Google, educating React developers on web application performance. He created the world best iPhone and Android app for Github — GitPoint.

    Chantastic asks about his experience creating GitPoint (a fully featured GitHub client, built in React Native), what performance vernacular like tti, fcp, and Web Workers mean, and common performance pitfalls and misunderstandings found in React apps.

    They discuss the importance of limiting scope to ship a product, the performance value of Hooks, tools and automations you can use today, and which projects to follow for inspiration.

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    45: Version Responsibly with Michael Jackson

    Versioning. How do we do it? It's a lot more complicated than "just use semver!" This week Michael Jackson joins us again to discuss the pains of versioning, how to avoid them, and why it all comes down to communication.

    Chantastic asks about upcoming how React Router v5 will take advantage of new features like Hooks and what versioning strategy they intend to employ with for legacy React Router users.

    They fumble clumsily around what the various characters in a package.json file mean, discuss outrageous prefixing as a defense mechanism, and partying at the 2019 JSConfUS in Carlsbad.

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    44: Create Value for Others with Nader Dabit. On podcasting, speaking, mobile devrel at AWS Amplify, AppSync for simple GraphQL servers, and his new book React Native in Action.

    Nader Dabit is the author on React Native in Action, Host of React Native Radio, Educator, Speaker, and doing developer relations for AWS Cloud.

    Chantastic asks about Amplify and AppSync, where they fit into AWS offerings, why they make authentication and GraphQL server setup a breeze, and how we can start using them.

    They discuss the opportunity and difficulty in podcast, the challenges of author a book, and travel the world speaking and educating.

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