In this episode, we welcome Pete Hunt and Michael Jackson to the podcast to discuss webpack and browserify. Learn about the meaning behind Pete Hunt’s Twitter handle and hear about his new startup! The podcast runs about 1:17 with some random discussion after. Tweet us @ReactPodcast with feedback and questions!

Show Notes


  • What are Browserify and Webpack?
  • What does modularity mean?
  • How did you start using (your tool of choice) and have you used both?
  • What is each tool trying to achieve?
  • What do you like about it?
  • What don’t you like / what are the limitations?
  • don’t use modules from within React (react/lib/*) ?
  • how do you handle long-term caching?
  • how do you inline small images for faster load times?
  • how do you optimize the way you split up your bundles?
  • how do you load those bundles efficiently?
  • how do you shim broken modules (and just fix broken modules in general)?


Pete’s guide to Webpack
React Hot Loader
Browserify Handbook
Module Deps
Factor Bundle
Partition Bundle
modular lodash

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