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7. Rapid-fire #1 with Special Guest Dan Abramov

  In this special episode of the React Podcast, we have Dan Abramov with us. We talk about his new gig at Facebook, Redux, Immutability, Functional Programming etc. We then answer listener questions from twitter.... Read More
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5: Node v4, React .14, and Testing, Oh My!

In this episode we talk about the latest version of node, discuss the release candidate for React v 0.14, and testing. Oh, we finally recap React Rally and start to look forward to Nodevember! Links mentioned... Read More
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3: There’s a component for that

In this episode, we talk about re-usable React components. Zach is away, but Jed and Naman are joined by Jeff and Kevin. We talk about, roughly in order: Some great components Where to find them, considerations... Read More
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2: Webpack vs. Browserify

In this episode, we welcome Pete Hunt and Michael Jackson to the podcast to discuss webpack and browserify. Learn about the meaning behind Pete Hunt’s Twitter handle and hear about his new startup! The podcast... Read More
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1: We’re Not Flux Experts

In the first episode of the React Podcast we talk about flux, node and iojs converging, and what we want our next episodes to cover. Leave us feedback @reactpodcast on Twitter! Participants on this episode: @jedwatson... Read More